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Zmorph3D – Fabricators, 3D Printers available from the UK

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ZMorph3D – Fabricators, are available directly from our UK workshop , The MakerDen, backed up by our in house certified training and support.

Not just a 3D printer, the Zmorph fabricator is user configurable as a lightweight router, laser cutter or engraver, and yes we even have a chocolate extruder too for some real creative fun.

But of course it is also a very capable 3D printer for PLA , ABS and other plastic filaments with its 3mm direct drive extruder, or a 1.75mm plastic extruder extruder, or if you want to be really creative try fitting a dual head 1.75mm.

All these heads are easily changed by the user in minutes and with the many other heads that are available from Zmorph3D you can practically have your own “FabLab in a Box”.  ( FabLab Essex has several of them )

If you are looking for a way to join the new digital manufacturing revolution the Zmorph system is a compact and very cost effective way.

You could be bold and go for the complete set Zmorph 2.0SX with all accessories or start with a basic model and add the accessories as you go. Visit our products list or shop to see what’s available, or email sales@mic2c.com for a competitive quote tailored to your exact needs.

3D printing support and training to get the best from your investment

If you have never used a 3D printer before, it can be quite daunting to use as, unlike a conventional  printer it isn’t always as simple as getting the right file and just pressing print.

However, with a little bit of guidance, we can have you up and running in no time, avoiding frustration and wasted time and materials.We have been 3D printing for over 20 years and know most of the pitfalls you will encounter as you learn this exciting technology.  With the purchase of a full printer we offer of a free hands on introduction in The Makerden ( on collection or at a future date ) to show you how your printer works, how to care for it and also how to create basic designs and 3D objects even if you have never had any previous experience in this area.

We also offer a 3D printing service or bespoke design service on our in-house Zmorphs either through 3D Hubs ( search for  MakerDen ) so you can view the quality of print before you buy, or contact us direct using the contact page. Other 3D printer technologies are available for complex items.



For detailed Information See Zmorph3D.com, UK customers email iain@mic2c.com for a quote. Dismiss